Karen A. Fine, CPA

Accredited in Business Valuation 
Certified in Financial Forensics 
Certified Valuation Analyst 
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
 Master Analyst Financial Forensics

Business Valuations

A business valuation is a professional opinion of the fair market value of a business.  Business valuations are generally required with the purchase or sale of a business, buy/sell agreements, charitable contributions, estate and gift taxes, or initial public offerings.  In the litigation arena, valuations are often necessary in circumstances involving business disruption, dissenting shareholder actions, partner disputes, or marital dissolution. 

An appraisal, which is the determination of the worth of tangible personal property and/or real property, is different from a business valuation.  A business valuation meets strict professional standards and  is based upon internal and external factors of the business, such as  

  • National and local economic conditions
  • Ownership structure
  • Financial condition
  • Results of current and past operations
  • Forecasts of future operations
  • Competition
  • Industry in which the company operates

Business valuators provide business valuation and litigation consulting services, primarily for attorneys.  Karen Fine is credential by both the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) as Accredited in Business Valuation and by the NACVA (National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts) as a Certified Valuation Analyst.  She has met both the AICPA and the NACVA's  rigorous standards of professionalism, expertise, objectivity and integrity in the fields of business valuation, litigation support, and related consulting disciplines.

Karen is uniquely qualified by virtue of the knowledge she has gained earning her C.P.A. and C.V.A. designations, her experience in tax, auditing, accounting for small businesses, and financial analysis, as well as the excellent background she has developed in dealing with the complexities involved in providing business valuations and litigation consulting services.

Karen A. Fine

Certified Family Court Mediator




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 Tax Consulting

  • Estate and Gift Planning 

Transaction Analysis

  • Sale or Purchase of a Business 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions            
  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure    

Litigation Support

  • Economic Loss from Injury or Death
  • Dissenting Shareholder Actions
  • Disruption of Business
  • Financial Expert Witness