Karen A. Fine, CPA

Accredited in Business Valuation 
Certified in Financial Forensics 
Certified Valuation Analyst 
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
 Master Analyst Financial Forensics

Family Law

In spite of the best intentions when undertaking a lifetime commitment, couples may determine that the sensible course of action for the family is to dissolve the marriage. Financial complications are inherent in these proceedings, but often do not appear as significant as the emotional entanglements that must be resolved.

Karen Fine will assist the financial aspects of this process.  She is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, accredited by the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts.  Beginning with the initial gathering of documents to the final distribution of marital assets, it is her objective to assist litigants and their attorneys through the financial issues of separation and divorce.  Karen has testified as an Expert Witness throughout South Carolina.

Karen may be engaged as a neutral financial expert for Cooperative Divorces.  She has also been certified as a Family Court Mediator by the Board of Arbitrator and Mediator Certification of the South Carolina Bar.  Karen has also been trained and worked in the Collaborative Divorce process.  Where appropriate, one of these approaches may serve to reduce the hurtful effects of protracted litigation.


Karen A. Fine

Certified Family Court Mediator




125 E Wappoo Creek Dr.
Building E, Suite 201E
South Carolina 29412

Financial Expert Witness for Litigated Matters

Financial Neutral Expert for Cooperative and Collaborative Matters

Quantification of Assets, Liabilities, and Income
  • Tracing and Diversion of Asset
  • Marital Debt Allocation
  • Determination of Contingent Liabilities
  • Income Determination
  • Liquidity, Taxability and Risk Assessment
  • Closely Held Businesses Valuation
  • Professional Practices Valuation
  • Pension Plan Valuation 

Property Settlement Scenarios

  • Characterization of Assets and Liabilities
  • Net Worth Projections
  • Cash Flow Projections

Spousal and Child Support Structuring

Budget Preparation

Financial Declaration Affidavit Assistance

Preparation and Review of

  • Expert Reports
  • Proof of Evidence
  • Evidence Evaluation
  • Affidavits